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Factors Which Can Influence The Lesson

Factors Which Can Influence The Lesson

The teacher has to toke into account some factors which can negatively influence the lesson. Some depend on the teacher and others not. These factors are:

  • The choice of methods and techniques: choose the ones which are appropriate according to your context.
  • The duration of the lesson: is it a session of one hour or two hours?
  • The frequency of the course: once or twice a week?
  • The time of the day.
  • The class size: does it allow every student's participation? Does it better allow pair work or group work?
  • The nature of furnishing: is it easy to move desks, make students go around the classroom? Can the teacher himself go between rows?
  • Availability of teaching aids: will you plan an activity which necessitates the use of a tope recorder while your school does not have electricity? Will you plan to use pictures you cannot find anywhere?


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